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“Providing community gymnastics programs which engage people of all ages with disabilities”

MWGC is continuing to create new initiatives and opportunities for people of all ages with a disability. Our focus is to give everyone the opportunity to participate in organised and established recreational gymnastics programs.

During 2014 we met and worked with groups from Fisher Rd North School and the improvements and overall results were amazing. The children’s attention, physical strength, and mobility improved. Children involved in these programs displayed significant increases in attention, concentration, and discipline.


Our Programs


MWGC offers a range of programs for recreational, school, and specialised group therapy. These programs are for people who are living with mild to profound physical, developmental, intellectual, behavioral, learning or emotional disability.

Participants range from mild to severe physical disabilities and mild to profound multiple learning disabilities, including dual sensory impairment and autistic spectrum. Individuals receive an experience which enhances their interpersonal, physical, sensory and physiological developments while learning basic gymnastics skills and techniques in a fun and safe environment.

All participants are supported by the accredited and trained staff from Manly Warringah Gymnastic Club.

We will encourage each participant to achieve their personal goals and support you along the way. We also encourage participants to try mainstream programs as their skills and confidence increase.  

Individual Therapy is assisted by professional allied health practitioners available through MWGC. Use one of our current partners or get your local therapist to join in and use this fantastic facility. Classes can be structured to suit each individual using elements from mainstream and Disability Gymnastics. Your own program plan will be supported by the therapist and coach.

*Costs of all programs are based on individual requirements and specific needs. We endeavor to keep these programs within the reach of everyone.


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"Our mission is to give every member the opportunity to reach the highest level that they are each capable of achieving. To one child the goal maybe to do a cartwheel, to another it maybe to become an Olympic champion".


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