Junior gym classes cater for children 4-5 years old seeking a more structured environment. We emphasise the method of direct teaching the children through skill specific demonstration and practice, to develop their understanding of gymnastics.


Classes focus on developing and refining basic gymnastics movements- statics, landings, spring, locomotion, rotation and swing. Circuits are set up with numerous stations at each, facilitating these elements of gymnastics.


Children learn to interact with other class members during warm up time with structured games provided by accredited coaches. This is a great way for children to meet new friends and develop their physical and cognitive abilities within gymnastics.


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"Our mission is to give every member the opportunity to reach the highest level that they are each capable of achieving. To one child the goal maybe to do a cartwheel, to another it maybe to become an Olympic champion".


Manly Warringah Gymnastic Club

24 Middleton rd, Cromer, NSW