2016………..WHAT A YEAR!

MWGC is the 2016 NSW Women’s and Men’s Club Champions and the 2016 Men’s National Club Champions.

We have won the NSW Men’s Gymnastics Grand Prix for the 5th year in a row.


At National Championships our senior boys took GOLD on Floor, Pommel, Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars and High Bar. An unprecedented 6 from 6.

Lucy Stewart became the IL8 Australian Classic Champion.

1st on Beam, Bars and Floor and 2nd on vault

2      3

Thanks to Dee Why RSL for our new JF comp floor and it’s amazing.


2016 has been one of the most notable years in the clubs history.

Our club continues to grow in size and strength, we have added to the range of programs and the number of people having benefited from the club has increased.

We are continuing the fight to a bigger and better facility and we will stay commited to the long term stability and success of this great club.

As we get ready for the festive season, I would like to thank everyone who continues to contribute to MWGC.

Firstly the children, without them we have no purpose. You are all a joy and an inspiration. You’re the reason we work hard and you are the ones that make MWGC special.

There’s the mums and dads, brothers and sisters who do the driving, the meals and everything they can to support each other. Cheers to you all.

Then there’s this amazing team of people known as our staff. I thank you all for keeping this club going forwards. Chalk up another awesome year team, you’ve done us all proud!

Our sponsors, Dee Why RSL, Manly Gymnastics Physio, The Wellness Group, Spangles (how cool is the new shop?) and Amazon Power Acai deserve our thanks. Let’s support our supporters!

Finally there’s the hidden team that look after MWGC, the Board of Directors. I cannot express enough thanks and gratitude for this year. You are all amazing and you’ve brought so much to the management of this club. It’s an honour to work alongside you all.


Ian Hardy CEO MWGC



adminWith less than 8 weeks until Xmas I ask where the year has gone.

It’s been a mixed year of celebrations and frustrations.
We’ve been pleased to achieve another record breaking year with the club now set to pass the 2500 member mark. Annual visitations should move past last year’s figure of 220 000. Disability visitations have reached 850 children per year and there are now over 500 children under the age of 5 attending classes each week. Numbers are up right through the recreation programs and the overall number of classes held each week has increased. We have recorded an overall increase of more than 7% on what was already a very full timetable.

MWGC is the 2016 NSW Club Champions, 2016 Men’s National Club Champions and 5 times winner of the NSW Men’s Grand Prix. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE ENTIRE TEAM.

board_directorsThe Board of Directors is in the process of viewing suggested changes to the competitive programs in both NL and IL with the aim of improving the clubs overall position in Women’s Gymnastics.

Possible changes for the start of 2017 could include new timetables, program structures and will also add improvements to communications and information. It is the Boards aim to set a clear and defined pathway that will remain unchanged for at least the next 2 years. MWGC has an amazing team of coaches and we are confident that the changes will see our WAG crew hot on the heels of the results of our Men’s programs.

The new JF floor is complete and it’s already proving to be a wonderful asset to all the gymnasts.

We thank Dee Why RSL for the 4 year support package that allowed us to buy this great piece of equipment. There have also been quite a few purchases of new apparatus, mats, boxes and a load of new equipment for our disability and under 5’s. Special thanks go to Lend lease for their support of the disability program.

future-law-firmAs far as our facilities are concerned the year has been frustrating.

We’ve just reached the end if our first 5 years of lease at Cromer, we took position of the keys in October 2011, where did those 5 years go?

We have signed an option to stay at Middleton Rd for a minimum of 2 years with a further year by year term if required up to a maximum of 5 years. I remain firm that we will have to make a move before that time to ensure that the club continues to prosper and improve. We are simply being choked by lack of space, height and the incredible cost of rent.

The recent amalgamation of our Councils has added another level of delay to our plans for a new home.

The Aquatic Centre project seems to have stalled with debate within Council as to the suitability of the site to fit the proposed developments. We understood that the tender process had reached a 2 party race with us and St Augustine’s as the candidates. It was our understanding that both parties had submitted Non Complying tenders and there were to be open discussion with Council to see which plan could be moved into a new “negotiated process”.

The new Administrator for the northern Beaches Council has ruled that the boundaries have been subject to change but we are yet to be officially notified.

We have set a second strategy down that involves land at the Warringah Soccer grounds on South Creek Road. This is currently under discussion with both the Soccer Association and the new Northern Beaches Council. Another possibility is a development with NSW Sport and Recreation to establish a Sporting Centre of Excellence and High Performance facility on land held by them in the area. All 3 options are being pursued with interest, for the benefit of all our members we need to keep pushing towards a long term solution.

Further meetings are pencilled for term 4 and we have sent invitations to Mr Jason Falinski (new Federal member for Mackellar), the Premier Mr Mike Baird and the offices of the NSW Minister for Sport to visit us soon.

I remain determined to find this great club a permanent home.

INH Signature

Ian Hardy.



dsc_0053Term 4 is all about Display Day!

For the new Members, Display Day is our annual event, where our beautiful gymnasts prepare a performance and show off their new skills to family and friends. Majority of the gym is involved on this day and a lot of preparation goes into it.

This is also the biggest fundraising event the Club has. We have been doing it for years and it’s always been an amazing day for everyone.

Save the date for Sunday 4th of December and keep an eye for e-mails and more information coming out.

Tickets are now for sale at MW GymShop or Reception.

If you would like to volunteer on the day, there are plenty of jobs where we need a hand! Please come to see us to see how can you help.

If you’ve been in the gym in Term 4, you have probably noticed the new MW GymShop. The gym and Spangles have come together to build this and bring you more convenience when shopping for leotards and gym gear. Next time you are in, come and check it out. You can also do your class bookings there if you want to escape the queue from reception.

Online booking key on computerOnline bookings – events such as Holiday Fun and Birthday Parties can now be booked on our website! Jump online and make your booking anytime. It is fast and safe.You can already secure your child’s spot for our Summer Holiday Camp!

Last day of Term 4 will be Friday 23rd of December. The Club will be closed as of end of business day and re-open on Monday 9th of January 2017

Is it too early to say “Happy Holidays Everyone!!!” ?





The recreational program has had a very successful Term 3, with new circuits, Olympic Certificates and fully booked classes.

img_7568The coordinators and coaches are always trying to innovate and keep it fun, while the kids learn new skills and get recognized for their improvement.

The recreation program covers all the fundamentals of gymnastics and basic coordination, strength and flexibility!

This term we had all our amazing coaches interacting with the kids by dancing to some different songs from around the world to celebrate the Olympics!

If you haven’t rebooked, now is the time! Get in quick as positions are limited.

Coach Amelia



dsc_0038Term 3 was a pretty quiet term for the Snr competitive tumblers, there are all busy working away on their new skills and competition passes for next year’s competition season. During term 4 they will be putting together a display that will hopefully show off all their new skills.

MWCG also opened up a new Jnr competitive tumbling program with some young talented athletes that work selected out of our recreational tumbling program. This new group of tumblers are now working on new skills and passes for their first competition season next year. We wish them well for the future.

dsc_0051As for the recreational side of the program number are still up and classes were all full and had waiting list. The club has now opened up a new class on a Friday afternoon for the 5-8 year olds.

In term 4 MWGC is also starting a development tumbling program in the hopes to build the next generation of awesome tumblers at the club. These little tumblers are 5-8years old and will be working on skills for competitive tumbling.

As for the trampoline program at the club all the classes are at capacity and the gymnasts are hard at work preparing skill for their display at the end of the year.

Tory Santangelo

Trampoline and tumbling coordinator


trampAlthough we are restricted by height at Cromer we can still run an awesome recreational tramp program.  Participation in trampolining has increased more than 27% this year and it’s proving to be a winner with the younger kids.

Gymnastics NSW and Gymnastics Australia have given us the thumbs up to become a high performance centre for tramp sports when we get our new facility. BRING IT ON.

We’ve got junior and intermediate groups on Monday and Saturdays but spaces are limited! To book your spot call 9972 9222.


dsc_0036Our tricking program is going really well with classes nearly reaching full capacity.

Coach Morgan, Dougie and Nathan have been doing a great work with the gymnasts and everyone seen to be having so much fun. It’s awesome to see so much excitement and involvement form our gymnasts in the Tricking classes.

Definitely another very successful term for our trickers! Keep up the good work guys! We look forward to see what presentation they will come up with in Display Day 2016.


135A big thanks to the team who travelled to Bendigo to help launch GA’s new Free G program.

Tory, Alex, Nathan, Scott and I (Coach Caedyn) had a great time presenting a display at the opening ceremony.

Manly Warringah gymnastics has been at the front of development for Free G and has been the venue for workshops and coaching clinics. It’s great to see sports such as freerunning, parkour and tricking being combined and presented in a proper levels model.

169All the crew who are currently in our program were presented with their yellow bands (grade 1)and are now working towards their green.

We are hoping to announce a date for a state wide Free G open day in Term 1 2017.



hf-04-10The September/October school holiday program was another massive turn out with numbers reaching 120 participants on a single day! With everyone enjoying the fun, we decided to introduce a new initiative into the program that captured the excitement had by everyone. These photos represent another very successful holiday program, and many more to come!


hf-05-10The online booking system had proven to be an easier way for parents to book their kids in without having to wait on the phone. This is why our members feedback is so important to us, so we can continue improving and offering a better service to ours members.

We are looking forward to the Summer Holiday Fun!




img_0252-1This Term MWGC designed an initiative to recognise the efforts of our wonderful Under 5 participants, and to reward them for their outstanding participation. All participants received a bronze, silver, gold AND “Superstar Certificate” to highlight their efforts. There were lots of smiles going around! Well done Under 5 Superstars!

Term 4 sees the arrival of some new equipment for the Under 5’s Program! Some coaches got a little excited and wanted the new toys for themselves…




img_1011-1A very B.I.G. congratulation’s goes out to all of our Mighty Star gymnasts on another successful carnival. All gymnasts were able to demonstrate some of their new skills they have learnt throughout the year, and it was a great opportunity for some of senior coaches to see how they are progressing.

Well Done Mighty Stars!!!



img_03852016 has been a year of growth for Manly Warringah Gymnastics Clubs Disability Program. With over 800 visits from our special needs gymnasts in 2016, we can’t wait to reach our goal of over 1000 visits in 2017.

Term 4 saw groups from Fisher Road & Aspect School during the school term as a part of their schooling program, along with two groups of 12 gymnasts as a part of afternoon activities. Under the guidance of Senior Coach Nathan our Monday group of gymnasts have developed numerous new skills, including a few of the boys moving on the front Somis and back drops on the trampolines. A huge Thankyou to Nathan for all your assistance this Term and through 2016.

img_0387The Disability Program was lucky enough to have been given some brilliant new equipment with the assistance from Land Lease. This equipment was incorporated into the program within hours of delivery and the gymnasts loved it!
Each week Senior Disability Coach Lachlan works closely with Ricky and Hugo. Both boys progression through the year and Term 4 has been astounding. Ricky is progressing very quickly into his perfect front somi & Hugo’s strength and confidence is booming! Thank you Lachlan

2016 was a great year for this program and MWCG can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store! If you would like to get involved at all, please contact Elsie on 9972 9222 or via email at reception2@mwgclub.com.



IL Report

img_1291With the introduction of the new IL program being rolled out next year, the IL gymnasts have been working hard on developing their skills in preparation for the 2017 competitive season.  A special mention goes out to Sophie Stuart who was selected to attend the junior Green camp amongst some of the top gymnasts and coaches in the country.

With the 2016 competitive season not over yet, we wish the best of luck to the gymnasts competing at the Australian Classic in Geelong, and all the gymnasts travelling to compete in Singapore.  


WAG Level 3-5

2On 10th/11th Sept we had the Level 4 State Championships where 22 girls represented MWGC. We won 6 Gold medals, 14 silver medals and 2 bronze medals. Our Junior team placed first on bar, third on floor and 5th team overall. One of our Intermediate teams placed first on beam and the other placed third on bars. What an awesome result. Congrats to all the girls who competed in this comp. All your hard work has paid off. Give everyone a round of applause.

Coach Yeye.

WAG Level 5-7

National Level 5-6 and IL 6-7 gymnasts had their State Championships with over 35 gymnasts participating. Several gymnasts were on the podium for numerous apparatus awards as well as receiving many outstanding overall places. It is great to see the continued growth and high achievement through our compulsory level gymnastics program.

The Women’s program NL 3 and up had the 2nd Winter Wonderland Invitational Competition with over 230 gymnasts participating from 8 different clubs from Sydney, the central Coast and Canberra. It was a great success and we hope that the competition continues to grow ever year.

Coach Toni.

WAG Level 7-10

img_8146Last term we focussed on refining the basics and building the skills for the next level. The girls did really well and worked hard.

To do this we had the addition of a new world class floor and the girls were very happy that we have this new floor to train on, the coaches and girls are all excited to have this new resource. In addition to the floor we have also received a new foam pit which means the girls can throw bigger tricks and practice harder skills with more confidence. 

In term 3 there were some changes, some girls have moved up to higher levels in different squads and are doing really well.

In competitions, Level 8, 9 and 10 went to the National Clubs in Bendigo in September and did really well with level 9 and 10 placing 8th overall in Australia. Level 8 made 15th Nationally.

Lucy Thompson, Emily Fraser and Emma Taylor all retired last term, and we wish them all the best and thank them for their contribution to the groups. 

And coming up in term 4 we are are heading over to Singapore for the Prime Invitational National competition, where the girls will be competing against several clubs from the Asia Pacific Region. Also coming up this term is the Display Day on the 4th of December and the girls are already training hard and looking forward to this fun day.

Coach Bughy.


team-shotIt has been another highly successful term for all our male gymnasts here at the club.

During the past term the boys have competed in over 6 competitions, four Grand Prix Events, State clubs, National Clubs and most recently Junior State Championships. The results have been awesome with the guys winning NSW State Clubs, and then backing it up with being crowned Australian Men’s national club champions, winning the NSW Grand Prix completion for the 5th year in a row and at the 2016 Junior State championships we finished with, Three All-round State Champions, five 2nd place all round champions and one 3rd place all round champion, so another amazing competition season.

The results at the club are only possible with the dedication of the coaches, parents and everyone associated with the club and a massive thank you goes out to everyone.

Moving forward we have to learn new routines for 2017 and we also have senior gymnast, Julien Horrocks trailing for a position on the Australian team to compete at an international event which will take place in Texas at the beginning of 2017.

Since I am on the topic of International competitions, during the Christmas holiday break, four of our senior boys will have to continue training as they have been selected to represent Australia at an event in Las Vegas. The boys and their coaches will depart Sydney on the 9th of January and a report of this will follow early in 2017.

Martin Shields


img_5827We are in exciting times where hard work is required for our Queenwood and Wenona girls since their IPSHA competition is coming closer in term 4.

Everyone is excited and preparing their routines in our extra training sessions.

The end of the term is getting busier at the gym with more bookings from other schools like St. Luke’s

And we are happy to be able to provide them with excellent service.


For term 4:

Exciting first weeks of term and last weeks of preparing for our big schools competition at Rooty Hill in week 4.

Our girls were very nervous, excited and happy to finally show their talent at the competition and enjoy the exciting vibe.

The program at the gym is running as busy as usual throughout the week with our tricking, freestyle and artistic gymnastics.

Coach Iva

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