Welcome to the very first digital edition of MWGC’s newsletter. 

There’s going to be a few changes in and around the gym during Term 3.
MWGymclub app

  • The release of the new MWGC Smartphone App.

The members only app will deliver notices for events and keep you updated with everything that’s happening at your club. It will link you to all our social media and give you better access to all our video’s and photos. We’ll also be featuring lots of our gymnast’s and linking you directly with our sponsors.

  • The new MWGC member privilege package.

This is designed to connect our members with local businesses. You will able to present your member ID via your app and receive discounts to products and services from many different suppliers.

  • The MW GymShop.

We are planning to replace the crèche with a “proshop” that will carry gym gear and accessories from GK, Spangles, Active Fitware and MWGC. There will also be stock of all competitive accessories and club leo’s/longs. The shop will be open at set times during the week and also provide another reception terminal for bookings and payments

  • There will be upgrades to,

In-house TV displays and local business advertising.
Equipment desperately needed for our disabled and Under 5’s programs.
The new Janssen Fritsen floor and a few new sets of wall bars.

We hope you enjoy the new format and we look forward to delivering these exciting additions.


1.12015 was another year of strong growth across our sport – participating member numbers rose from 164,134 at the start of January and closed at years need with 179,558 members. This represents another 15424 children that have chosen gymnastics as their sport and reflects a 9.4% increase for the year. These fantastic results mean that we’ve had growth in excess of 24% since 2012. The annual figures exceed the 2016 National participation expected target of 175,000. Nationally there’s around 540 registered clubs and interest in our sport just seems to grow with each passing term.

Manly Warringah Gymnastics is known as one of the most successful clubs in the country, we have a reputation as one of the most progressive clubs and our boys program is known as the best in the State. Recent suggested changes to the Women’s programs will hopefully see the WAG side of our club with the same level of success and respect.

Like most other clubs, we now face a few challenges with our future.

Some of those challenges include:

  • Venue size and suitability
  • Memberships at capacity with waiting lists
  • Availability of quality coaches both full and part time
  • Funding to expand to meet demand

Our Board of Directors is dedicated to the continuing success of this great club and will continue developing sensible and achievable plans for the future.




MWGC has just secured another 4 year deal with Dee Why RSL for $60 000.00. The Club has kindly offered their support in the purchase of our new Jansen Fritsen competition floor. The new sprung floor will be a massive plus for the club and all our gymnasts.

Manly Gymnastics Physiotherapy and Sports injury clinic are now Silver sponsors of MWGC. Their continuing support of the club and athlete’s is just incredible. Thanks go to Sam, Mark and the team. Having you with us has made a huge difference!


A big welcome to our new sponsors.


The Wellbeing Group. As new sponsors to MWGC they will share lots of knowledge and experience in areas such as general health, nutrition and overall wellbeing. We look forward to some great information sessions that could assist our members in areas such as diet and dealing with growing kids. We will feature new topics and offer member discounts on a regular basis.

GK Elite have joined MWGC and will be featured in the new MW GYMSHOP to be located in the current crèche area. GK has always been one of the leaders in gym gear. It will be great to have them inside our club.

Another new partner is Spangles Dancewear. Suzie has some awesome clothes and will also be a part of the new shop. We look forward to all our suppliers having gear on site for all our members.

The final plans are being drawn for the shop and we hope to have it all done and running by term 4 2016.


We now have our displays and scoreboards running in the gym. If you are interested in promoting your business please contact Amaury through reception.

Costs start around $35.00 per month. Discounts apply for longer terms.


Term 3 is flying by and its terrific to see so many talented and happy children enjoying themselves at MWGC. The Board of Directors is delighted to announce the appointment of Christine Dagg and Enrico Massi as Board members. Christine is a parent of 3 children, Sylvia (4 years), Eloise (3 years), and Morgan (2 years) who participate in our Under 5’s program and Enrico is parent of one of our MAG squad gymnasts Sebastian Massi. They both bring significant experience to the Board from other board and corporate positions, and they’re already making fantastic contributions to MWGC board activities. We’re thrilled to have them as part of the team.

We would also like to acknowledge Steve Hawkins, father of MAG gymnast Nicholas Hawkins, who has agreed to join our new facility Project Advisory Group when that kicks off, and once more a special mention goes to Claudia Bels. All her ongoing advice and support is greatly appreciated.

Leveraging support of Board member contacts and networks is important for the success and development of MWGC. Melinda Stewart and her employer Lendlease are proud to support MWGC through volunteering activities and a community grant to further the disability support programs offered by MWGC. In addition MWGC will be getting a mini-makeover on Thursday 15 September as Melinda and a team of volunteers from Lendlease will spend their annual volunteering day, called Lendlease Community Day, working at MWGC. Watch out for a band of volunteers in blue t-shirts cleaning, painting and emptying out the foam pit during the day to freshen it up for our gymnasts and visitors.


2016 is shaping up to be another big year, if our current figures are any indication MWGC will once again exceed last year’s numbers. Overall membership is currently up by around 14% on the same period last year.

During July I was invited to attend this year’s Leading Clubs Conference in Melbourne and was honoured to be chosen as a speaker. Three representatives of Australia’s leading clubs were asked to offer their advice, experience and thoughts on just about every conceivable topic. The Q and A session was especially interesting due to the fact that so many clubs seem to be suffering the same frustrations. The 2 biggest being the lack of availability of quality staff and matters surrounding the National platform. The clubs are discussing a new forum where each State has a team of representatives of the top 4 or 5 leading clubs, from this we then send reps to a National forum with the aim of sharing information with each other and Gymnastics Australia.

A group strategy would better reflect the broader opinion and hopefully let a few of the underlying frustrations be heard by those who matter.

It’s pleasing that our club is recognized as the leading men’s club. The general word is that we lead the race in men’s gymnastics. When there are 191 clubs in NSW and 540 nationally we should be proud of being number 1. Congratulations must go to Martin and the entire MAG team.

Our focus is now on the need to secure the same respect for our women’s programs.

2015 saw staff leave and some new faces arrive, the current team is awesome and we are really excited as to where the team can take us. Coach Jojo is working on new plans to better use all our resources, his team are locked down and due to deliver their thoughts on the new direction. We will announce more as the plans come into place.

Special mention must go to Lendlease and in particular thanks to Melinda Stewart. MWGC was the recipient of a grant from the company specificity for our disability program. We are currently working on new equipment and further staff training. The disability program is in huge demand, current classes are full and every time we open another time space its get filled in matter of hours. Waiting lists are high and we are now one of the biggest providers of activities for kids with special needs. I must place the success of this program into Elsie’s hands. She is inspirational when it come to this group.

MWGC continues to grow in size, knowledge and strength. Thanks are due to our staffing team, our sponsors, all the families and every single member. Without them all we would not have made it this far.

My personal goal is the new venue, it can be a really frustrating process but I remain determined to see us in a new home. This club has achieved everything asked of it and more, we now deserve the due recognition to have permanent place in Sport in NSW.

Letters have been received from both GA and GNSW confirming MWGC’s new facility as the High Performance centre for Men’s and Women’s Gymnastics and Trampoline Sports.

All we need is that new home.

INH Signature

Ian Hardy.



recOur recreation program is running at capacity. We’ve currently got around 500 kids involved in many different programs.

There’s been a few changes in the rec classes and there’s going to be a few more. Some changes include our methods of assessment and the general progress of all participants. We will be having an Olympics ceremony week at the end of this term and all our rec kids will receive certificates for their efforts.

The overall quality of the circuits has improved with the delivery of a load of new boxes and mats.

All the crew are having a lot of fun with the new dances, we hope to see all our coaches showing their style!

If you haven’t rebooked, now is the time! Get in quick as positions are limited.



007What a year it has been so far. In term 1 the tumblers had their state trials and state championship where the team managed to achieve a lot of great results with most the team finishing in the top 10 and even some 1st placing.

Term 2 all the tumblers that competed at the state competitions all managed to qualify for the Australian National championships in May. The team travelled to Melbourne and again they came home with some amazing results with 4 of the 8 tumblers finishing in the top 3. Darcey Ridhalgh managed to defend her title again and come home national champion in the under 15’s age group, Isabella Stein and Thomas Aivazian placed 2nd in the Under 13’s men’s and Women’s and Isabelle Charlier placed 3rd in the under 15’s age group.2

Congratulations to all the tumblers and their achievements at this year’s Australian championships.

Our recreation program is thriving in the club with most classes full and having waitlists, so if you’re interested in tumbling get your kids in quick for next term because spot will fill up fast.

Tory Santangelo

Trampoline and tumbling coordinator


trampAlthough we are restricted by height at Cromer we can still run an awesome recreational tramp program.  Participation in trampolining has increased more than 27% this year and it’s proving to be a winner with the younger kids.

Gymnastics NSW and Gymnastics Australia have given us the thumbs up to become a high performance centre for tramp sports when we get our new facility. BRING IT ON.

We’ve got junior and intermediate groups on Monday and Saturdays but spaces are limited! To book your spot call 9972 9222.


trickingThere’s still huge activity in and around the tricking crew.

Morgan and his team are always happy to welcome new comers.

We’ve got a few spots available and they’ll soon mix in with the 50 other members of this amazing program.

Classes run Tuesdays at 5pm and Wednesdays at 4.30 and 6.30.

MWGC has always supported the development of this program and we recognise the need to provide new and exciting opportunities for our teenagers.


free-gThe crew will be pleased to hear that Gymnastics Australia has finally delivered the levels program for Freestyle gymnastics.

The “FREE G” handbook is complete and we will be introducing the new format through terms 3 and 4 so that we are all up to speed by 2017.

Interest in the program is increasing and our numbers are growing!

We are looking forward to being on the floor at National Clubs to launch GA’s latest Gymsport.


044A huge shout out to the entire Holiday Fun team! IT WAS MASSIVE.

The term 2 holiday break saw us with a record number of visitors. We just seem to get bigger and better every term.

We are going to be introducing new programs and activities in the hope of having around 120 visitors every day for the term 3 break.



From swinging on the bar like a monkey to sliding down the ice slopes with Olaf, MWGC has had another fantastic term with lots of new activities and themes within the U5P!!

With the help from our incredible coaching team, we are constantly reviewing our programs to provide YOU with the best learning opportunities for your kids.  If you haven’t rebooked for Term 4, now is the time!

A very special shout out goes to Spencer Curtin who created our phenomenal U5P video that shows what we are all about. Check it out




DSC_0050After a very successful Mighty Stars strength carnival, the foundation gymnasts have been working extremely hard on developing their current skills in preparation for their next carnival which will see gymnasts perform modified routines.

Well done to all gymnasts on their excellent commitment, dedication and perseverance within the program. All gymnasts have a bright future and the coaching team are excited to watch them continue to grow.


disabilityMWGC is currently the home to a fantastic disability program. There’s about 33 kids coming through our doors each week, they work really hard under the coaching staff of Nathan, Lachlan and Elsie.

From 1 on 1 classes to groups of 16 children, we aim to ensure that each child always walks out the door both physically and mentally a little stronger. We hope to make a visit to MWGC best part of their week!

The entire team are working on improving the program in the terms to come with new equipment, programs and class times!

MWGC Disability program always strives for bigger and better. If you would like to get involved at all, please contact Elsie on 9972 9222 or via email at reception2@mwgclub.com.



IMG_0920A very big congratulation goes out to all the IL gymnasts for their sensational efforts at National Championships back in May. A special shout out goes to Olivia Heckman who placed 3rd AA, and Lucy Stewart who placed 6th AA in the IL 8 division. These National results are the best we have seen yet within the whole WAG program! Well done girls.

The IL6 & 7 gymnasts have just finished their competitive season off with a bang, receiving scores for their routines that placed them in some of the highest bands at State Championships. A fantastic effort from the whole IL2 squad.

In more recent news, the IL program has grown this term with some NL gymnasts being given the opportunity to train alongside the IL program for some training experience. All gymnasts are focused on building up their strength and further progressing their skills in preparation for 2017.

WAG Level 3-5

Term 3 is very important for all the Level 4 girls. We are going to have Level 4 Gala in Rooty Hill and the Pymble Comp. On the 10th /11th Sep we are going to have our biggest comp of year Level 4 State Championships. All the girls are working extra hard in their training.

We had a good result from the Winter Wonderland Comp. Almost all girls got Medals or ribbons. Congrats to all the Level 4 girls. Let’s keep up.

Coach Yeye.

118WAG Level 5-6 had their State Championships. MWGC had over 35 gymnasts participating. Several gymnasts were on the podium for numerous apparatus awards as well as receiving many outstanding overall places. It is great to see the continued growth and high achievement through our compulsory level gymnastics program.

Coach Toni.

The Women’s program NL 3 and up had the 2nd Winter Wonderland Invitational Competition with over 230 gymnasts participating from 8 different clubs from Sydney, the central Coast and Canberra. It was a great success and we hope that the competition continues to grow ever year.

WAG Level 7-10

This term Heather joined us and is doing a great job with the girls helping them on the beam and floor choreography. The girls performed very well at the National Championships and Border Challenge. They have all shown improvement and the results speak for themselves.

026-(3)At Nationals,

Alicia Robertson NL 7 placed first with her team representing NSW and fourth on Floor final.

Lina Van Hamond NL 9 came second with her team representing NSW.

Matilde Breth-Petersen came third with her team representing NSW.

Border Challenge

Samara Robertson NL 8 came second with her team representing NSW.

NL 9 Imogen Simonik, Jess Thompson; Emily Fraser. The 3 girls made up the team representing NSW and came 3th place, and Imogen Simonik got 3th on vault.

The NL 7-10 girls had a training camp in Canberra at the end of June and received excellent coaching, advice and experience as well as meeting other athletes from around Australia and getting to know each other.

Stacey Umeh, WAS , Artistic Preparation Specialist & Developmental Gymnastics Coach & choreographer joined us on Saturday 30th of July to run a clinic on dancing and choreography.

Now the girls are training hard and working towards the National Clubs competition in September.

Coach Bughy.


124It has been a really exciting past couple of months here at MWGC. We had eighteen of our male gymnasts selected onto the NSW team to represent the State and the club at the Australian National Championships.

The boys competed against the very best guys in the country and they did an outstanding job.

Rasmus Breth-Petersen was our stand out gymnast, walking away with the level 9 Open All-Round title, and Ben Dempsey just behind in 3rd place overall in the level 8 open division.

123Some of our other boys also picked up individual apparatus medals along the way. And to cap off an incredible week the club had seven gymnasts in total named for potential international competition. Four of our boys and two of our coaches will however be travelling to Las Vegas in January to represent Australia at the Vitaly Scherbo invitational event.

Our junior boys have just started their competition season, and on the weekend of the 23rd and 24th of July we were in Newcastle at the Hunter Invitational. It was an outstanding first event of the season for our boys who placed in almost every division. For some of the boys it was their first ever experience at a gym comp and they handled it magnificently.

Coach Martin.


It is getting serious for the Queenwood and Wenona girls.

Preparations for the IPSHA competition are exciting and nerve wracking at the same time.

It will be hard for the coaches to decide who will compete. Out of 35 girls, 15 will get a chance through disciplined behaviour, hard work and talent. We are looking forward to a busy term 3 to be ready after the holidays to compete in term 4.

We are really excited to see so many local schools in the gym during term 3. These schools use our facility as a part of their school curricular programs and the response has been all positive. We are currently promoting an Olympic theme and working with all our visitors on practicing their gymnastics skills and improving their coordination, strength and flexibility.


Everything seems to have slowed down and gone very quiet, it’s almost certainly due to the current Council amalgamations process.

The Aquatic Centre proposal and tender has been referred back for more environmental information. MWGC and St Augustine’s proposals are the 2 chosen to make it through the last round.

Both proposals were received as non-complying with council now being advised to take both applications to further discussion.

As previously mentioned  the site has considerable risks, the land is an old tip site and we are unsure if we are position to take any possible issues on board, the costs associated with making good can be huge.

All we can do is await further news from Council.

The Board of MWGC will continue its search for a new venue by this and other possible alternatives.

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