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Manly Warringah Gymnastic Club is one of the leading gymnastic clubs in NSW providing quality gymnastic programs to service the local area.

Our venue is a not for profit community club and focused on delivering quality gymnastics programs to our customers.


We provide gymnastics programs with qualified coaches that cater for schools who have their own school gymnastic facilities and for schools who wish to book classes at our professional equipped venue in Cromer.


If you have the gymnastic facilities at your school and would like to book a lesson with our staff, access to the designated gymnastics area will be required 15 minutes before and after the class to ensure adequate set up and pack away of equipment is done.

We recommend that if you wish to book the gymnastic lesson at your school, that you have appropriate and safe equipment for an educational lesson.


Alternatively, lessons can be booked at our venue in Cromer. MWGC will provide you with engaging, challenging and progressive programs with Olympic standard equipment and training aids. Classes can be organised and programed to your needs, age of children and requested goals.


For more information on how MWGC can assist with your schools PE and Sports programs please contact:

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"Our mission is to give every member the opportunity to reach the highest level that they are each capable of achieving. To one child the goal maybe to do a cartwheel, to another it maybe to become an Olympic champion".


Manly Warringah Gymnastic Club

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