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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of gymnastics?
    Gymnastics is one of the best sports to build balance, coordination, flexibility, strength and muscle tone while also teaching self-confidence, body awareness and discipline. Gymnastics provides the building blocks kids will need to progress into other sports as well.
  • How do I know which class is right for my child?
    At MWGC gymnasts are placed in the most age and skill-appropriate class to ensure each child is comfortable and physically challenged to develop their skills. We recommend starting in our recreation program before choosing specialty classes like tumbling or trampoline.
  • Is my child too old to join gymnastics?
    It is never too late to join gymnastics! Gymnastics is fun at all ages and it doesn’t matter if they are beginners, intermediate or advanced; we have a class for every individual at every age.
  • Can I try a class before I commit to the term?
    MWGC allows everyone a free trial class before you would need to commit for the term. The trial spot is held for 24 hours following the trial to give you some time to decide if you would like to book. After 24 hours the space will be released for others to book in if you haven’t enrolled for the term.
  • What should my child wear?
    We recommend clothing that is tight but not restrictive; girls wear a leotard or short/tights and a t-shirt. Boys wear a t-shirt and elastic waist shorts. Gymnasts should not wear buckles, belts, zippers or jewellery. Gymnasts should have bare feet for safety reasons and hair should be pulled up and away from the face.
  • Could my child be a good candidate for MWGC’s competitive program?
    t MWGC we are always on the lookout for girls and boys to progress into our competitive programs. Our coaches assess students within their class and will recommend a gymnast to our competitive coaches if they think the child is a good candidate. Competitive gymnastics is a big commitment with several hours of training and competitions, starting in our early foundation classes. If this is something you believe you and your child can commit to, please email your request, including your child’s name, age and the program you are looking for to, which can be passed onto the appropriate coordinators to organise an assessment with you.
  • Do you offer sibling discounts?
    Yes, we do, we offer 10% off the second child fees, 15% off the third and 20% off the fourth. Note: 1st child is the highest value invoice and the 4th is the lowest value invoice. We also offer a discount on sibling insurance and membership in Term 1 and 2. Unfortunately, discounts are not offered on Holiday Fun and Kids Night Out.
  • Can you use the Active Kids Voucher or Creative Kids Voucher?
    We accept the Active Kids Voucher for all programs and the Creative Kids Voucher for our programs that contain parkour. Don’t forget to provide the voucher to reception at the time of booking as no reversals will be made. The vouchers can only be used for term payments or membership and insurance and not for holiday fun programs. We are also accepting Service NSW Dine and Discover Vouchers as well as Parenting Vouchers.
  • Why do I need to pay membership and insurance and what does it cover?
    MWGC offers a free trial class, after which membership and insurance are required. The membership fee includes insurance through Gymnastics NSW. This fee must be paid in full prior to entering into any activity. (Memberships are valid until December of the year paid.) All class/squad fees are considered as separate and must be paid prior to attending classes.
  • Do you offer refunds, credits and makeup lessons?
    Makeup lessons: We offer two make up lessons a term for our recreational classes which must be done within the same term. Any time you know that you will miss a lesson, let us know and then we can organise the make-up for you. The makeup can be in any class for your child’s age as long as there is availability in said class. Refunds and credits: MWGC has a no refund policy. We will, however, answer requests for possible credits or refunds for the following reasons: If they occur prior to the commencement of the term and MWGC do not get left with a vacancy. If there is a doctor certified issue. (A medical certificate is to be submitted to MWGC within 21 days of the first doctors or physician’s appointment or the first date of absence from training due to injury). Extenuating circumstances may be considered by the Board of Directors. All credits are to be used within 6 months of the processing date. *Please note that medical certificates must be from an independent and appropriately certified practitioner. All requests must be made in writing to
  • The class I want is full, what can I do?
    If the class you wish to book in to is full, we can add you to our waitlist. Once on the waitlist, if a spot becomes available you will then be contacted by someone at reception to offer you the space. Once you have been offered the space you will have 24 hours to book and pay for a trial or the term before being removed from the list and the next person on the waitlist being offered the space.
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