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About the Program

The Inclusion Program empowers any athlete to embrace and enjoy the sport of gymnastics regardless of impairment or disability.

We take a flexible yet structured approach to developing basic gymnastics fundamentals, giving athletes the opportunity to build strength, improve hand-eye coordination, balance, stability, and all-around physical wellbeing. Our coaches are extremely adaptable, accommodating, and understanding – you’re in good hands.

Recreational Intergration
We offer “hold your hand” classes which enable our visitors with mild to medium physical, developmental, intellectual, behaviour, learning or emotional disability to team up with a qualified coach 1 on 1 and join in on our regular recreational gymnastics classes. All visitors in this program will have the security of personal assistance to complete most activities. They will receive understanding and support if they become discouraged, they’ll have friend there if a time out is required and a coach who will test them and high five them for their efforts. Our coaches provide a “hands on” experience so the entire class is encouraging, progressive and fun.

Group Therapy and School Program
Our group therapy and school programs are developed with the help of carer/parents to provide an environment where individuals receive an experience which enhances their interpersonal, physical, sensory and physiological developments while learning basic gymnastics skills and techniques. We firmly believe in providing equal opportunities for all children, including those with disabilities, to engage in physical activities that promote growth, confidence, and inclusion. We believe in helping every child reach their full potential regardless of how small or big their dreams may be.



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